Microsoft Word templates provide your staff with the tools to create professional, consistent internal and external documents, whether it be something simple like a letter, fax or memo, or documents that are much more structured, such as a report, tender or newsletter.

Our stationery templates can be as simple or structured as required. For example, we can create a simple, nonautomated template with styles, margins and headers/footers set up, or we can create something a bit more advanced, by including macros and dialog boxes to allow users to make selections that help build their letters, faxes and other documents in the format that is required by your corporate guidelines, allowing them to focus mostly on the content of their documents.

Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 has brought a whole new look to the Office suite, and many companies have struggled with the change, with many existing templates becoming difficult to use without the old toolbar format. The Template Shop can upgrade your templates and customise the ribbon so that your users can still access their old buttons via a new custom ribbon tab.

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